Here’s a new song I’m working on for my next project. The chords and lyrics still need a bit of chiseling, but I’m pretty happy with where it’s going and to be able to put the cross in more of a Christus Victor light.

You fill all things
Even the depths of Sheol
The roots of the mountains
Aren’t beyond your control
Dragons carry your prophets
To destinations foretold
Leviathan on your leash
Behemoth pierced through his nose
The water beast meets its end
When it’s slain by your sword

Descend, descend, descend
How low can ya go to end our sin
From the high cosmic mountain
Har Mo’ed, Mount Zion
Descend, descend, descend

Three days and nights
After the dragon was fed
The beast spit you up
His belly upset
Now the serpent is raging
For his kingdom will end
For death is put to death
And all our sins are forgiven
The principalities and powers
Have lost their own dominion

Descend, descend, descend
Can you go lower than we will amen?
From the throne of seventh heaven
To the lower regions
descend, descend, descend

There on a stone table
The witch cackled and laughed
As they tore off his mane
And they tied him down flat
But death has no hold
On a deeper magic of old
She had become her undoing
She had to give in and fold
No deplorable word
Was strong enough to be spoke

Descend, descend, descend
How low can ya go to bring us in
From high crystal waters
Down to Earth and Tartarus
Descend, descend, descend

Like Enoch saw the angels
That begot the nephilim
You saw their chains in bondage
And proclaimed their judgment come

The sons of God thought they had victory
But the son of God had won
A bait and switch shifted ages
A Trojan horse the cross become

Then you left the gate of hades
Like no man had ever done
Went to earth in resurrection
And rode the clouds to kingdom come

Where evil’s just a memory
As you call your faithful ones
And sift through all the harvest
And extend to us “well done”

Ascend, ascend, ascend
With the keys of our death, won’t you ascend?
Empty out all of Hades
The seas and Sheol vacant
And ascend, ascend, ascend

Descend, descend, descend
Then ascend and ascend and ascend
And when you come back again
We will rise to descend
Your welcome home party
Saints and angels your friends
As hell ends injustice

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